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Магазин масштабных моделей

Today we release long wait decal - 72-037 "MiG-29 full stencil' set. Full stencil for MiG-29s (9-12, 9-13 and 9-51 types) in standard grey-green painting scheme and for 4-tone camouflage scheme (BTW we were surprised, but it is first time at model world). Also included full stencil for any types of external weapon and hardpoints.
For modellers, who prefer bigger scales - MiG-29 stencil decals in 1-48 and 1-32 scales will release soon, a little patience, please.

Begemot decals team wish you all the best and good luck in year 2016! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As the answer to numerous questions of modellers all arownd the world, we answer - our new decal 48-040 MiG-31BM, which were released few days ago, - if you want it just now, you can order it from several sources, please use "search" functions at Ebay or Amazon.

Today release of our new decal can be interest for modellers, who await soon release 1\48 MiG-31BM model from AMK.
48-040 Mikoyan MiG-31BM\BSM - at least 15 marking schemes, all named MiG-31BMs from Kansk. Set of standard board numbers of three colours and registration codes fugures, which include in this decal set provide possibility make almost any of exist MiG-31BMs. Also in decal include full stencil for one aircraft and armament.

Today we released new decal - 72-062 Beriev Be-12 Mail.
Decal on 23 options of Beriev Be-12s family aircraft (to be fair we will note that decal gives much more ample opportunities of a choice - the full set of board numbers allows to make practically any serial Be-12s) from Naval aviation y of the USSR NAVY, the USSR with the Arab Republic of Egypt insignia, Russia and Ukraine.
Full stencil for one aircraft.

Today we release another one decal, which we promiced to modellers nor so long time ago - 48-038 Ka-27PL\Ka-28 in antisubmarine version, 20 marking schemes from USSR, Russia, Ukraine, Indian, Yugoslavian, Vietnam and Chineese naval aviation.
In decal include full stenciil set for one helicopter.

Today we release third decal in our new decal series - 32-010 "Nieuport type 21 in Russain service", 35 marking variations of the Nieuport type 21 aircraft from Russian Emperor Air Fleet and aviation of all sides, which took a part in Civil war in Russia.
But we didnt't finish full series - we working about other types of Nieuport (and BTW not only Nieuport aircrafts) 21 in Russain service.

Today we released decal for 4++ Flaker - 72-055 Sukhoi Su-35S, you can make all known at now days Su-35Ss - 2 prototypes and 34 serial aircrafts.
Full stencil for aircraft and external weapon.

Today we released decal, which continied our WWI series - 48-034 Nieuport type 21 (1\72 scale) on service in Russia \Soviet Russai, 35 options for the period from 1916 to 1922, the Russian Emperor Air Fleet and aircraft of Red and White sides of Civil war.

Long time we prepared a new big series of decals, mentioning so difficult, but at the same time and interesting subject - aircrafts of Russian aviation from World War I, two revolutions and Civil war.
Today we released the first-born in this series - 72-058 Nieuport type 21 (1\72 scale) on service in Russia \Soviet Russai, 35 options for the period from 1916 to 1922, the Russian Emperor Air Fleet and aircraft of Red and White sides of Civil war.
Decals for Nieuport type 21in 1\48 and 1\32 scales will be release soon, decals fro other three types of Nieuports are in design stage now.

The staff of Begemot firm congratulates all with coming New year!
We wish to you and to your relatives of health, good luck, there are more than pleasures, less more hotly. Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year for everyone!
Today we realese last for this year decal. It is 72-053 Mil Mi-35M, new generation of the "Hind" decal. 11 marking schemes - all, what we know at this day: any RuAF Army Aviation Mi-35Ms (in overall grey or camouflage painting), Azerbaijan Board Guard, Brazilian AF, Army Aviation of the Venezuela, Iraqi Army Aviation.
Five different stencil sets in one decal - two for Russian and Azerbaijan Mi-35Ms in different painting schemes, also for Brazilian Air Force, Venezuelan Army Aviation, Iraqi Army Aviation Mi-35Ms.
P.S. We hope that you behaved in 2014 well and the gifts deserved. We wish you and your native the best.
Sincerely yours, Santa-Hippos.

Today we realese decals for legendary aircraft model - 1\48 Polikarpov Po-2.
79 marking scheme for all U-2\Po-2 modifications from USSR AF and Civil Aviation, also North Korean and Poland AFs aircrafts.
Booklet type instruction (23 pages) and 7 (yes, yes - seven) big size decals.

Today, by already settled tradition, we realise two decals for Su-2 in different scales. 72-052 - Sukhoi Su-2 decal in 1\72 scale, 48-030 - Sukhoi Su-2 decal in 1\48 scale
48 options of the marking, all known serial numbers, for our sorrow there was not any stancil on Su-2.
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