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Магазин масштабных моделей
Магазин масштабных моделей

About us.

Begemot company has started with decal printing not suddenly, on occasion. Our specialization originates from our common hobby, scale modeling, and many of us worked as far back as in early 1990s in Politekhnika company that was one of pioneers in development and production of its own models, later – in Travers, acknowledged nationwide leader in decal printing industry. Begemot has been marketing the decals under its own tradename for the last six years.

To be correct, we should mention that our printing business also concerns other side of our life, not related to the modeling. And it seems that our positions in these sectors are by no means not the last.

Products presented in this site are just a small portion of the decals produced by us. When you open the boxes with the models made by vast majority of Russian (and sometimes not only Russian) modeling companies, you can see our products. But perfection has no limit, so we always want to provide modelers with even better resources and wider range of choice in building models. Therefore, we're making and will make decals, which are determined worldwide as aftermarket products, featuring more interesting options that allow you to finish a model even more thoroughly. Speaking about clients all over the world, we should say that we're pleased to receive opinions and requests related to our products from our Russian and foreign hobby mates. We're glad that our work gives people a pleasure.

Every decal which you have now in your hands is created by certain people. Let us introduce ourselves:

Alexander Kurignan

Born on 8 January, 1955, architect, has experience of work in restoration workshop, design office; one of Travers' founders.

It may be said without exaggeration that Alexander is an "ideological founding father" of Begemot brand. His experience in the field of decal designing and printing has become the basis, due to which Begemot was recognized in modeling community from its first steps. Enough to say that our logo originates from his drawings made in years of childhood, and his knowledge and expertise help us right along to satisfy your demands with our decals.

Andrey Kotkov

Born on 28 July, 1973; electrical engineer with experience in the field of outdoor and billboard advertising and design.

Though Andrey didn't participate in creation of the company, he knows its business well, since he was engaged from time to time to assist. Gradually, he joined the company's activity, while still working in other area at that time. Proposal to become a member of Begemot team was accepted with enthusiasm – we're not only colleagues but also good friends.

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