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Russia in the WWI. Morane Saulnier type N.

Decal with marking elements for four different Morane Saulnier type N aircrafts, which were belonged to the 1-st Battle Aviation Group of the Russian Impire aviation, which had "Jolly Rogers" on the fins.
Including one standard size decals and 2-pages standard size full-colour instruction.
Decal is accessible, asking our dealers.
Dear modelers!
To our regret , a misprint was made at compiling of instruction to our decals 32-005, 48-022, 72-044 «Russia in WW I. Morane Saulnier type N», was made misprint, which was admitted in part of circulation for all three decals.
Please consider next correct information about marking scheme of aircrafts:
Marking scheme number 2 - Morane Saulnier type N (with six final star on both sides of the rudder), which was belonged to the 11 CAS of Russian Army aviation, pilot – lieutenant N. Zavidonskiy, 1 victory.
Marking scheme number 4 - Morane Saulnier type N (with Skull and bones on both sides of the rudder), which was belonged to the 19 CAS of Russian Army aviation, pilot – non-commissioned officer I. V. Smirnov, 11 victories.
If you have any doubts, you can download correct version of instruction from our webpage, please visit this decals information pages.

Download instruction sheet - [48-022 Morane type N.pdf]   

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